High Asset Divorce

High Assets and Closely Held Businesses

High Assets And Closely Held Businesses Require Financial Knowledge

At Most & Schneid, P.C., we are well-versed in handling complex divorce matters involving substantial assets and closely held businesses. Wealth generally involves family businesses, complex financial investments, stocks and investment accounts, trusts, real estate holdings and other assets that may not have a fixed value or that are used to obscure income. These assets may be held in New York or elsewhere and may also include valuable collectibles such as art and antique collections.

The complex nature of such investments and assets can result in tax returns that do not accurately reflect the resources of the Parties because of phantom income or hidden assets. For example, certain investments may produce taxable gains but not distribute the income. Phantom income may also be caused by the tax consequences of debt service.  Principal payments on debt are not tax deductible but reduce cash flow.  Thus, cash flow may be less than taxable income.

High net worth divorces may also involve the need to identify undisclosed assets or unwind complicated transactions.

In addition to the different assets at issue in a high net worth divorce, other issues such as child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance may also be relevant.

We will apply our experience and skill to fight aggressively to ensure you get your fair share of assets and receive, or are only forced to pay, appropriate support. We will also have the strength to fight for issues of child custody and access to help achieve your goals.

We will fight for your rights and either secure a favorable settlement or aggressively pursue the matter at trial.

We genuinely care about you and your legal issues and want you to have the smoothest experience possible while going through such an emotionally charged time. If you are in need of a highly dedicated, experienced, and professional Family and Matrimonial Lawyer, contact our office.

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