Custody Modification

Custody And Access Orders Can Change With The Circumstances

There are a variety of reasons child custody and access schedules need to be modified. The change may be required because of changes in the Child’s needs or preferences, a job change, relocation, based on a parent not acting in the Child’s best interest, or a variety of other reasons. Regardless of the reason, it is important to have experienced and skilled counsel who will fight for you.

At the law firm of Most & Schneid, P.C., we have decades of joint legal experience modifying child custody arrangements.

Child custody modification is not automatic. There are specific requirements that must be satisfied to permit a modification. We are skilled in determining whether there are grounds for a modification. Sometimes a parent files a petition seeking to modify when there isn’t a sound legal basis for the modification. In appropriate cases we can seek to have the petition dismissed by filing a motion. In other cases our job is to sift through the facts and present the evidence in the most favorable light. Let our experience guide the decision to highlight the most important reasons why a change should or should not be made. Properly drafting a petition or motion may be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful attempt to modify custody. Let us help you put your best foot forward and navigate the Family Courts and Supreme Courts.

These are complex matters, but you can be confident that our lawyers will ensure you and your children’s rights are protected. Many parents attempt to work out verbal modifications to child custody agreements on their own. While this may seem like a good idea on the surface, these modifications are not recognized by the court which may result in extremely costly and challenging problems down the line.

We genuinely care about you and your legal issues and want you to have the smoothest experience possible while going through such an emotionally charged time. If you are in need of a highly dedicated, experienced, and professional Family and Matrimonial Lawyer, contact our office.

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