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The Child Support Standards Act, known as the CSSA, provides a mathematical calculation to determine the basic amount of child support. There are numerous reasons, however, why the presumptive calculation is unjust or inappropriate in your case. We will fight aggressively to ensure you receive, or pay, the correct amount of support taking into consideration your specific circumstances.

There are a variety of reasons why a strict application of the CSSA’s mathematical formula to the parents income as reported on tax returns does not produce a fair result. Your tax returns might be artificially high and include phantom income, i.e. income you pay taxes on, but which you don’t actually receive. Conversely, the income reported on tax returns might be artificially low, either because of fancy accounting or outright deception. In addition there are various deductions that may reduce your income for tax purposes but which need to be added back in for the purposes of calculating child support.

Let us fight for you to ensure you receive the correct amount of support. We can also advise you about add-ons which are in addition to the basic amount of child support.
We genuinely care about you and your legal issues and want you to have the smoothest experience possible while going through such an emotionally charged time. If you are in need of a highly dedicated, experienced, and professional divorce lawyer for your required child support, contact our office.

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