Child Support Modifications

Changes In Income And Your Child’s Needs May Require Modifying Child Support

The amount of child support you receive, or are required to pay, has a substantial impact on your life. Pursuant to the Child Support Standards Act child support awards are subject to modification based on: (1) a substantial change in circumstances; (2) the passage of three years since the Order of Support or Judgment of Divorce was entered, modified or adjusted; or (3) the showing of a change in either party’s gross income by fifteen percent (15%) since the order of judgment was entered, modified or adjusted. Your agreement, however, may have opted out of the CSSA and only permit a modification based on a substantial change in circumstances.

A substantial change in circumstances may result from a job loss or the changing needs of the children, such as attending college. There are a variety of reasons why a court may increase or decrease a child support award. You should rely on an experienced Family and Matrimonial Lawyer to guide you through the process and fight for your child support rights.

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