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Custody and Coronavirus  

  Over the past century, pandemics have been relegated to the realm of academia. However, the novel Coronavirus has brought some new practical complications to the forefront of everyday family life. Especially where families do not all reside in the same home. Prior to the present outbreak, child custody agreements and custody orders did not…

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Changing sexual orientation is not a basis to lose custody

For some, divorce and separation follows a parent’s change in sexual orientation.  While some parents may argue that a change in sexual orientation should be hidden from the children.  Or, that a change in sexual orientation should form the basis to change custody.  In New York, a parent’s sexual orientation should not be considered as…

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Can a court force a parent to follow religious practices as part of a divorce?

There are many reasons why parents separate.  Sometimes, parents separate because they hold different religious beliefs.  At other times, parents hold the same religious beliefs at the time of the divorce or separation but change their beliefs over time.  When parents are very religious, they may include a clause in an agreement requiring a specified…

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