Can I receive child support payments?

A lot of parents are not receiving the child support payments they deserve. In some cases, this is because the parent is completely unaware that he or she is entitled to receive child support. In other cases, the parent simply doesn’t know how to apply for it.

When evaluating whether you could qualify for child support, you first need to determine if you are the “custodial parent” of your child. The custodial parent is the parent with whom the child or children primarily live. The custodial parent is also the one responsible for taking care of the children on a daily basis. Custodial parents can pursue child support payments from their exes to help cover the costs of these responsibilities.

Examples of custodial parents

Let’s say you’re a single mother, recently divorced, and your two children live with you in your apartment. You drive them to school, pay for their daycare, prepare their meals, take them to social activities and so much more. If this sounds like you, then you are probably the custodial parent, and you might be able to pursue child support payments from the mother or father of your children.

The situation gets a little more complicated if you never got married, and the father of your children isn’t listed as the father on their birth certificates. In this situation, it’s clear that you’re the only custodial parent, but you will likely need to legally establish who the father is before pursuing child support.

It should also be mentioned that even if you share custody with your ex – and your children live equally with both of you – you still might be able to receive child support. This is particularly the case if your spouse earns a much higher income than you.

Get help to pursue the child support payments you deserve

Seeking child support payments from the other parent of your children could present various legal challenges. If you believe you deserve to receive child support, speaking with a New York family law attorney is a great place to start. An attorney can help you review the facts of your situation – including your current custody arrangements and you and your spouse’s incomes – to determine the most appropriate child support strategy given your current situation.