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Can you protect your assets with a postnuptial agreement?

You met, fell in love, and got married. It seemed like the natural progression of any relationship. But now you’re wondering if you thought everything through. What happens if things start to fall apart? You have a successful business that’s allowed you to buy your dream car and that weekend lake house you always wanted….

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What to do when your child support payments seem too high

Divorce can be painful and messy. In many cases, the most hotly contested issues are child custody, visitation for the non-custodial parent, and child support levels and payments. It can be all too easy to make hasty decisions from an emotional place during a divorce, but what may feel cathartic in the moment may impact…

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Child support and visitation: Withholding one for the other

When marriages dissolve, everyone in the family is impacted. From the former spouses, who are grieving the loss of their primary relationship while also rebuilding their lives on their own, to the children who must get used to spending alternating weekends with their parents, everyone has to change and adjust. Sometimes during the divorce process,…

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How is a business divided in divorce? “Determining the value”

A business is considered a marital asset when two important factors are applicable. The first consideration is if the business was developed and opened for operation after the marriage. Secondly, if the value of a pre-marriage business increased during the marriage. Either one of these factors subjects the family business to be distributed during a…

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Is a prenuptial agreement right for you?

How do you decide if a prenuptial agreement is a good choice for you and your future spouse? Many engaged couples do not want to discuss prenuptial agreements because it is a difficult conversation to have. However, there are some very practical reasons for signing a prenuptial agreement before the big wedding day. Here are…

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Understanding spousal support and how it works in New York

The legal and binding responsibility to financially provide for one’s spouse is considered alimony. Other common and interchangeable terms include, ‘spousal support’ and ‘spousal maintenance’, but no matter the terminology, the motive and concept behind alimony remains the same. The aim of the courts is to find an agreement between the parties that results in…

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